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Long-time Smalltalker.  Started in 1992 on ObjectWorks ! Then Visual Smalltalk Enterprise, then VisualWorks, then VisualAge then Dolphin.  Nowadays, mostly coding with Pharo, playing with Squeak and working with VisualWorks and VisualAge Smalltalk.

Always had a love/hate (but let’s be honest, it’s more lovin’ than hating!) relationship with databases, especially when using them with Smalltalk.  I’ve worked with DB/2, SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL mostly but in all cases, it was usually a nightmare for the development team trying to fit a square in a circle!  Until I landed in a place using TOPLink.  And then Gemstone/S.  Since then, trying to find the right balance between transparency and control in a world dominated by RDBMS.  That’s why I’ve also tried GlORP.  That’s also why I’m coding my own object-relational mapping framework!

You can also sometimes hear me discuss about literature and mathematics.


Published on December 12, 2010 at 00:42  Comments (1)  

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  1. Based on your article titles — and the blog itself — you must be the world’s biggest Rush fan.


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